Stella McCartney by Alice von der Burg


With a strong commitment to being responsible, honest and ethical, Stella McCartney launched her own fashion house in 2001 with her eyes set on luxury clothing. Ever since graduating from Central St. Martins in 1995, Stella has had an great increase of success, from having models such as Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss walk her fashion show at graduation to winning the Glamour Award for Fashion Design. Today there are more than several high end luxury brands on the market, however what makes Stella Mccartney stand out of the crowd is their focus on sustainability.

stella-mccartney-no-furAs the head of her own house fashion house, Stella Mccartney has taken a step into the future and created something long lasting that does not harm the environment in the process to do so.  As a life long vegetarian and a human rights activist Stella has always maintained the philosophy that everyone can do something and it is now the fashion designer’s job to turn things around seeing as they carry a great deal of responsibility in the matter of saving our planet. Now this is something that I think a lot of us have heard before from a range of different businesses on the market with an inflatable speech specifying how they are going to change the world. I believe Stella has brought some light to the concept and delivered a realistic business strategy that can work in the long term. To many people eco means hemp clothing, coloured in different shades of beige. Instead Stella has delivered a luxury brand that is modern, stylish and timeless. The key motive has been to cancel out the hesitation towards eco friendly clothing by making it invisible to the eye.  When entering a store one should not even notice if something hand made, faux leather or faux fur. If you try and create products that people enjoy and it just so happens that it was produced in a responsible way, that is when you can achieve success! It’s all about creating a perfect balance. Of course there are still areas in which the company that don’t read eco friendly.  They make a use of transportation, electricity and several other tools that people would not consider to be in line with the sustainable marketing that they enforce. But if they were to be 100% green they would, have 20 products in 20 stores and they would only remain in England, not abroad. This is exactly where there needs to be a balance in order to succeed. If they were too extreme it would get in the way of their soul purpose.


Stella McCartney- 2012-10-10

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