Addie Wagenknecht by Elizaveta Devyataykina


Addie Wagenknecht  born on the 15 April 1981 in Portland Oregon to a half American half Austrian family. She graduated from the University of Oregon in 2001 with a BA in science of Multimedia and Computing. After which she worked as a free lance game designer and net work administrator. She has done some projects for University of Oregon, Apple and National Science Foundation. In 2005 she moved to New York where she competed her masters degree in the New York University. In 2006 Wagenknecht along side with her husband launched NORTD labs which is an international research and development collective which merges the disciplines of art, architecture, software and system designs, placed in New York and Vienna.

Wagenknecht has quite a wide art practice concentrating on many themes such as feminism, mass consumption, and the relationship between people and technology. Using installations, interventions, paintings, photography and sculpture she challenges the  viewers to look at the aspects of out every day worries and “anxieties of post Snowden information culture, she builds objects that contemplate power, beauty and network consciousness.” ( She is currently a part of the F.A.T lab which stands for Free Art and Technology “The Free Art and Technology Lab is an organization dedicated to enriching the public domain through the research and development of creative technologies and media. The entire FAT network of artists, engineers, scientists, lawyers, musicians and Bornas  are committed to supporting open values and the public domain through the use of emerging open licenses, support for open entrepreneurship and the admonishment of secrecy, copyright monopolies and patents.” (


Addie Wagenknecht

Black Hawk Paint

October 2008

acrylic on Canvas 99×150 cm

Black Hawk is one of the series that caught my attention because at first sight the work looks like regular action painting with references to Pollock, Soulage or even early Richard Serra pieces how ever even though the piece projects human presence and energy it was created by a small plane drone which Wagenknecht manipulated over the canvas.


Addie Wagenknecht, Pablo Garcia

Webcam Venus

2013 F.A.T. lab

A collaboration with Pablo Garcia. The artists asked Sexcam performers to replicate famous art works. This piece was was a gesture of respect towards fine arts and internet phenomenon of cams.


Addie Wagenknecht

Glass Ceiling


Lipstick on glass

A rather feminist piece by Addie W. The Term Glass Ceiling was used to describe and refer to women who were not able to progress and evolve in their careers simply because of their lack of rights. So in this piece consisting of 6 photographs Addie Wagenknecht tries to destroy the “glass ceiling” using several methods, making out, rock throw, burn, axe and rock, rock drop and burning once again.

Addie W. at this day has the position of the chair of the Open Hardware Summit at MIT. And continues her art practice with a very strong and original artist voice trying to open our eyes to problems in society we have come to live with or which we do not notice anymore.


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