Veronique Vienne by Melina Hristova

VVbyDwight3Veronique Vienne was a magazine art director in the USA and France.She began to write better analyse and understand the work of the graphic designers,illustrators and photographers who collaborated with her.Today she writes books and conducts workshops on design criticism as a creative tool.

As a former magazine art director,Veronique Vienne has written extensively on lifestyle trends,design ethics and business practices.She has edited,art-directed and written essays for numerous design publications,such as: “House and Garden”, “Emigre”, “Communication Arts”, “Eye”, “Metropolis” and more.She also writes mass-market guidebooks,including the best seller- “The Art Of Doing Nothing”,translated in eight languages.Veronique is also a visiting professor in a number of schools,including- “Paris College Of Art” and “Beaux-Arts”.

Her well known best seller – “The Art Of Doing Nothing” is a book which belongs to the philosophy category. Vienne works collaboratively with Erica Lennard,whos photographs illustrate the book.The best seller has been published in 1998 and it is consistent of 96 pages of explaining how to make time for yourself.Veronique Vienne is concentrating on the “ZEN” areas,including- meditating,bathing,breathing and treating yourself right.Since we live in an era,where “surviving” and making money is the most important thing,she critics the “culture” of the overachievers and how sometimes they forget they still have personal lives and another world outside their work bubbles. Erica Lennard’s beautiful photographs bring a new touch to the book,which gives the writer time to imagine and go into depth of the main concept.


Veronique continues with the original title “The art of..” and brings up five new books called- “The art of imperfection” , “The art of growing up” ,The art of expecting”,”The art of the moment” and “The art of being a woman”.Each of them covers a different lifestyle issues,such as:parenting,youth,self-acceptance,appreciation of the moments and being a woman nowadays. These books bring her huge success and appreciation worldwide.Her work has inspired many young art directors and authors around the world to continue create in that area.




Beside her various talents,Veronique has also been quoted by many for her original and wise sayings. “To be enlightened is to know oneself and not run away”-Veronique Vienne.


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