Carin Goldberg


Carin Goldberg was born in New York City and studied at the Cooper Union School of Art. She began her career as a staff designer at CBS Television, CBS Records and Atlantic Records before establishing her own firm, Carin Goldberg Design.[1]

She was president American Institute of Graphic Arts New York Chapter, 2006–2008 and served on board from 2002 to 2004. She is currently a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI), serving on the International Executive Committee.

Having been praised by Philip Meggs as one of “The women who saved New York” (along with Paula Scher, Louise Fili and Lorraine Louie) thanks to their enlivening contemporary design with neglected historical styles,Goldberg’s work has had a very big impact on contemporary design. Her style being called modernist, postmodernist, post-postmodernist and a multitude of other labels, her work is vibrant and clear.[2]

Short after opening her own studio in 1982 was commissioned by Warner Bros. Records to design the debut album for a young singer called Madonna. She has never stopped fielding questions about it. Even more notorious was her 1986 cover for an edition of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Instructed by Vintage Books’ art director Judith Loeser to pay tribute to E. McKnight Kauffer’s 1949 Random House cover of Ulysses by emphasizing the “U” in the title, Goldberg took inspiration from a 1928 exhibition poster by the German designer Paul Renner. She set the headline on a diagonal in Renner’s Futura Bold and filled the bowl of the “U” in yellow. [3] That cover has now become an icon of postmodern design.


In recent years her image making has expanded to publication design and brand consulting for clients including AR and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  From 2003 to 2004 she was Creative Director at Time Inc. Custom Publishing, where she designed and consulted on publications for the New York Stock Exchange, Microsoft, Citigroup and Gallup. Her recent projects include design of the book “Last Letters Home: Voices of Americans from the Battlefields of Iraq” (Life Books, 2005) based on the HBO documentary.[4]

Another very famous work of hers is the inaugural cover of a New York Times real-estate supplement, for which she reproduced the addresses, in label-maker type, of every residence she ever occupied to create a collage in the shape of a key.


In an interview with Sean Adams she states: “I try to instill my sense of humor in much of what I do … if not a sense of humor, then at least a particle of hope, humanity or joy. No matter how sophisticated or cool or modern and sleek I would like my work to be, I simply can’t help inserting some humor or wit or humility into it. I struggle with the desire to be a populist and an elitist, an intellect and an entertainer.”



– by Gabriele Iacono



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