AOTO: The 20 Item Supermarket , by Jordan Lloyd


 Project by  Jordan Lloyd ( Phd student in Architecture, Sheffield University)

 Jordan looks into  The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz, and explains that the more choice of goods we have , the more distressed we feel, and the less likely we are to buy anything. At the end of the day , we fall into a routine of buying the same items because it is quicker.

 Jordan gives the examples of McDonalds  “who pride themselves on familiarity and speed” and supermarket Stew Leonards , with a limit of 2,000 items.

 This project reminded me of the news that broke out about the Tesco loyalty card a few years ago. Why would such a dominant supermarket giant need customers to be loyal? The real reason behind the card is to store customers information such as lifestyle habits ,  in order for them to target you better. The supermarket created a database that classifies customers according to 10 categories.


Mona Bokhowa


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