The Corporation (documentary) 2003

A Canadian documentary by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott, Harold Crooks, Joel Bakan.

Contributers: Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Chris Barrett, Michael Moore, CEOS, journalists and more.

This film, inspired by the book ( The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Power -Joel Bakan), investigates the lack of ethics in corporations, their impact on our societies (the 3rd world in particular) , and our environment.

Cochabamba Water war

In Bolivia between 1999 and 2000, there were protests against the privatisation of water.The World Bank pressured Bolivia towards this privatization.  The price of water increased , and locals were not even allowed to collect their own rainwater, as it was not considered public anymore.

IBM and the Holocoust

During the Holocoust, IBM produced and leased machines as well as punch cards to use specifically in concentration camps . The punchcards stored prisoners information , so that they could be monitored .

Years later, many other corporations were also fined for trading with U.S enemies, including terrorists.

The future 

About halfway through the documentary,  we see examples of  a few corporations giving back to their community.

Pfizer in New York decides to fund housing projects in a neighborhood .  It also installs new, safer subway turnstiles to help reduce crime.

Interface (large carpet manufacturer)

Throughout the documentary, Ray Anderson (CEO) gives his insights into the behavior of corporations, and more importantly critisizes himself in the past for not being aware of the environmental impact of carpet manufacturing.

“We stand for sustainability. In 1994 we began to change the way we do business, and the result has been transformational.” (


The Corporation is a book, documentary and website  (


Mona Bokhowa


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