Lady Gaga in her music video “Alejandro”

Every person should ask themselves important questions about the way one chooses to live life the best way.

For that we have to face our actions and their consequences.

Where lies our responsibility in relation to other people?

I believe that this responsibility takes any form, may it be sociological, political or economical.

Let us take for example ads and the industry, which have changed the perception of how people want to live, believing that this is the only way to achieve happiness.

A good example are children or teenagers, watching music videos, films and ads, where women are portrayed as sexy vamps in lascivious poses, giving the impression that this is the way women should behave to be attractive to men and still portray a “free” woman, choosing to behave in this eccentric way, in a supposed time of peak in equality of rights and gender. It seems quite hypocritical, considering the fact that the implicit message given is objectification of human women bodies. It is a vicious circle in which already children are poured into, as young boys also get influenced by those subliminal impressions of liberality and portrait of women.

The creative director and artist gives a wrong image to the audience. Trying to represent himself based upon unrealistic behavior.

The power of the masses identifying themselves through image, is a surreal world surrounded by glamour and wealth, so that only a few people ask themselves what it actually has to do with general problems of real world society.

The critical line between doing and creating as communication for society and doing and creating for persuasion gets dissolved more and more. It developed so far that the “coolness” factor became much more important than the personal choice and statement about it.

This is not saying that there shouldn’t be particular self-expression, but there should always be something authentic of the creator so that it does not miss the connection of the self communicating directly to other human beings.

Furthermore I so doubt that any of those women freely and consciously chooses to represent an implicit sex-object, by projecting the wrong image of an emancipated woman, if it would not attract the masses easier, manipulate them and so sell better.

Leopoldine Liechtenstein


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