So brainwashed!


I found this article really funny. This guy is totally complaining about corporate America and how insulted he was with the super bowl halftime commercial for a truck, but in his rant he actually gives a suggestion as to how the commercial should have been! His suggestion for the commercial would have certainly made the Dodge truck seem more humble and noncommercial, BUT IT’S STILL AN AD BEING PUT ON DURING SUPERBOWL HALFTIME – this guy seems so oblivious to the fact that his suggestion for changing to facade to make Chrysler look more noble is nothing more than clever branding

“If you had done this, I GUARANTEE that the next truck I bought would have been a Dodge. You could have had me, and thousands of other farmers, as customers for the rest of our lives.”

So really, he isn’t against corporate America at all, it’s more just like he just didn’t like the commercial and was pissed off at the fact that a brand wasn’t able to trick him into becoming a lifelong, loyal, Chrysler consumer.

(Kirsten Young-Clark)


2 thoughts on “So brainwashed!

  1. Ha ha, but I didn’t say I’d buy a NEW one!

    The point of my post was, yes, corporate America was really, really close to getting their branding right in this ad… it just could have been tweaked to be less pompous. Never said I was anti-corporate America.

  2. lol true that.

    However it’s probably best that the commercial remain transparent in it’s intentions because while yes, your idea for the commercial would have certainly made Chrysler appear less pompous it would have unfortunately also increased the effectiveness of the advertisement- thus adding yet another twig to the bonfire that is corporate consumerism.

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