Plagiarism of book cover designs by Moo

Plagiarism of book cover designs made copy right issues in online website. Former Korean book ‘Meeinkye’ was released by Odiobooks in september 2008. This book story is about representative Chinese beautiful  four women’s life. Cover designer made optical images which  shows woman’s hand and side profile with balck and red-brown colour contrast.After publishing this book, some blogger found that is very similar with right side film poster which was a teaser poster for ‘The Family That Pryes’ and maintained the book designer of ‘Meeinkye’ copied this film poster. This film is a 2008 American drama written, produced and directed by Tyler Perry. Th poster shows side profile of black girl with white hand around her neck. Of course, it makes optical effect as well. Composistion and main idea is mostly same.

The same problem also happened in 2004. The first one is a book cover of French novel ‘Respire’ in Korean. The second one is a cover of ‘Emily the Strange’ of Unites States. Korean Book cover designer absolutely copied and just little bit changed it. This designer put its own name on the book as a book cover designer. Korean readers and designer world criticized this replica.

Some designers think  some design could be there own design if they change some part from another designer’s work. But, it is not because there is no core of design and designer’s basic morality. Also, the publishing industry  should be more sensitive about book cover copy right.


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