Johnathan Ive by Alex Wilson

Jonathan Ive was born in Chingford, London. He went on to study graphic design at Nothumbria University. After a short time working in London he went to the US to work at Apple Inc. One of his first collaborations with Steve Jobs was the eMate 300. This was a period called translucency where the computers started to loose the dark and mucky colors that the previous computers had and started to get a clear and transparent shell. The colors of these computers were fruity and there were 5 fruit colors after the original “bondi blue” color blueberry, grape, tangerine, lime, and strawberry. These colors also transferred to the ibook. Ive’s team designed the original iMac, which seemed to resemble a gumball shape. He then went through a period of minimalism where all of his designs became very clear and straight with aluminum. The minimalist designs started with the iBook G3, which has some of the same similar translucent surfaces like the iMac but featured a white glossy finish, the iBook G3 was nicknamed “clamshell” for its appearance. The first minimalist design was debuted with the power book G4.  This line was the first that did away with all of the bold lines in other computers and came with the smooth and minimal lines that the Mac still has today. The iPod has a very clear white front and was his most popular creation. The iPod is now a very big symbol of Apple and was the influence for many other apple projects to come. He then designed the Macbook pro line, which was very popular and was designed simple and clean. He then went through the aluminum phase where he developed the concept of the unibody, which was first, used on the Macbook Air then on the macbook pro lines. The unibody was invented to create a smoother surface on apples computers. It allowed the computers to have smoother edges. The iphone and ipod touch were also his designs, he designed the electronics to be simple so focus could be given on the content of the material instead of the actual hardware of the product. The ipad now exhibits the same features of his previous designs. Jonathan Ives designs are a benchmark in designs for electronics and design.


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