Ora Ito by Ankita Jatia

Ora Ito is the brand name of the French designer Ito Morabito.He was born in 1977 in Marseille, France. His father Pascal Morabito and uncle Yves Bayard both were well known designers at the time.He was a self-made mad as he got kicked out of design school at a very young age. He tried his luck firstly by working as an architect and then he even worked for a shoe design company with designer Roger Vivier.

He created his own virtual brand at the age of 19 .He was inspired by large international companies and created fake products for brands like Louis Vuitton, Mac, Nike and Bic etc. He began to advertise it on the internet at the beginning and till date customers who cant find these products in the market order it from his website. In France he became the second digital designer and his work was acquired by Fond National d’Art Contemporain (Fnac).

This really helped push his career, as the big brands loved it even though it was destroying their actual name. Soon he became popular worldwide.His man vision is -“Simplex” is a neologism that combines two words “EASY” and “COMPLEX’’. The Simplexity is a philosophical bias that has a practical application of making simple objects without being simplistic as he feels the designers major role is to create a product by helping find a solution by integrating the maximum complexity in an envelope as simple as possible.

In 2002 he opened his own studio in Paris and this is where he created his own products, worked in sectors of architecture and communication and even created other developing ideas for other design projects.His career took a boom and he started to win a lot of awards for all his designs he created. He won the Oscar for the best design for its bottle Heineken aluminum capsule and for its original packaging. It was called Iconik and it was described as smooth and ergonomic reinterpretations of the historical figure “long neck”.

His encouragement, talent and his new vision of Marks made international scene with an impressive catalog of clients including Adidas, AIR, Thierry Mugler, Toyota, Biotherm, Levi’s, Davidoff, Nike, Danone, Kenzo, LG Electronics, Guerlain, Ballantine’s, L’Oreal Professional, Sagem, Home etc.His architectural projects include the nightclub “Cab” in Place du Palais Royal, the French showroom Nike which was designed in 2003, “brightness of a star” for Mugler Perfume in 2005, the flagship Toyota’s European on the Champs-Elysees in 2007, the new charter architectural showrooms and the dealerships for Nippon manufacturers.

He gained a popular and commercial success in the history of design. He creates and combines the blueprint for the future and the functional rationalism by adding polysensorial and new methods for its use. He is more of a product designer and does not enter the fashion industry. His work in known to be timeless, luxury and universal .He is one the most influential designers of the 21st century and he holds his permanent collection in many major museums in many areas of the world.

In his current works, he just created collaboration with Guerlain, Terracotta and a brand new collection of living art and jewelry for Christofle.The second was the co- branding with Dunlopillo where he created a full furniture collection for them.

He states that his job is to offer consumers an object without any complications by providing the appearance of simplicity. He tries to find a simple expression but by effective ways to resolve a problem. For that he seeks to integrate complex technologies, new methods, new manufacturing processes and the use of innovative materials without harming the environment.According to him nobody needs to add complexity to their daily lives and they should find solutions to simplify their lives.

Heineken bottle by Ora Ito
louis vuitton collection by Ora Ito
Modern Kitchen by Ora Ito
Le Cab-nightclub in Paris






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