Robert Greenberg R/GA Associates by Tanya Ziegler

In 2006 Nike revolutionized their customer service by launching an online brand platform[1].  This tool gave full power to the client:  the client could create / rethink / adapt his own ideal pair of sneakers. This new retail experience was possible thanks to the collaboration between Nike and their digital partner R/GA. This partnership completely re-designed and transformed Nike’s catalogue and created a whole new approach to the product.

This interactive approach and friendlier use of the online shopping experience was very original. A real revolution in shopping experience allowing the customer to have full control of the product he/she is purchasing. One is able to choose every aspect of the product and follow the entire process of his purchase, step by step. The high technology with faster downloads and a better performance of the imagerie provided by the Adobe Flash Platform built by R/GA has revolutionized the online retail experience.

This new initiative can be added to R/GA’s long list of achievements. But in the past, the company did not start at the top. In 1977 Richard and Robert Greenberg founded R/Greenberg Associates. Their first goal was to create a motion-design graphics company specialized in film. Richard was the designer and Robert producer and cameraman. Their secret to stay at the top throughout the years? They restructured their business model every 9 years. Therefore R/GA which started out as a computer-assisted film-making company became over the 30 years and span into one of the first interactive agencies and finally today into a full service digital agency.

Over 3 decades, Robert Greenberg actual Chairman/ CEO / Global Chief Creative Officer of R/GA has always been a pioneer in the advertisement and communications industry. He pulled the agency to the top and made sure that the vision was to serve as a digital partner. R/GA is one of the world’s most influential advertising companies thanks to their emphasize on the importance of integrated strategies, creative excellence and innovative technology. Their client list is long and it counts famous brands such as Barnes & Nobles, L’Oréal Paris, MasterCard, Nike, Taco Bell, Wal-Mart and many others. In order to offer the best services and advice to their clients, the agency has offices in New York, San Francisco and London. Two new offices are opening in Sao Paulo and Singapore in early 2010.

Bob’s strength is the way he always managed to transform smoothly his company in order to adapt it to its time. In the 1990’s R/GA became a multiplatform advertising agency specialized in database-driven information and multichannel e-businesses. By understanding the importance of integrating strategies in a new media environment, R/GA managed to quickly become the leader in the digital industry and be the partner for the world’s most famous brands.

Ten years later they renewed that process which pulled them on the first place as the successful full-service digital agencies. Today R/GA creates an integrated marketing campaigns and experiences for its worldwide clients. They have received top honors of the industry’s most prestigious awards such as: “Most innovative Advertising & Marketing Companies” or “Digital Agency of the year”.

In conclusion, R/GA has found its way. Their strategy is to involve every single aspect and/or person in the conception of a new project. It has pulled them to the top place. As the R/GA team explained the account manager who would be simply assuring the right use of the money in the project; is sitting at the table as the concept is build[2]. They accompany the team throughout the entire project. Each business partner helps out in every single step. They understand the importance of listening to advisers.

Finally, the use of mass media will provide the full coverage of the customers and promote in an efficient way their product.

Therefore as the brand in collaboration with R/GA enters the market their credibility is at a much higher level than others. The full aspects of a concept are well thought from customers’ needs to optimize the financial aspects as well as the design. In consequence, the concept is assured to be successful.











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