Getting Started

Hello students,

If this is your fist experience with blogging, don’t worry; it’s straightforward and easy to edit mistakes.

First log in to WordPress with the login/password I supplied in class.

Follow these steps to make your entry perfect.

  1. Select “New Post”
  2. Fill in the Title of you post: your designer by your name
    e.g. Jonathan Barnbrook by Frederique Krupa
  3. Paste the body of text, end-notes and bibliography typed and spell checked from another word processing program. Insert links wherever necessary
  4. Insert Images using the upload/insert interface above the ext editing area.
    I prefer that you link to on another site. Right or CTRL click on the image in question and select “Copy Image Location” for its URL.
    If you are uploading images, make sure your images are in a compressed format and maximum of 800 pixels by 600 pixels. JPG compression format is ideal if there are gradients or photographs. Bold images with few colors and no gradients compress best in GIF or png 8 bit formats. (In Photoshop, use the “Save for web and devices” feature to preview these compressions.)
  5. Once your page is how you like it, add your name, your designers name and Section A, B or C (the section you are in), in the Post Tags area.
  6. Make sure the category “Spring 2010” is the only one checked off.
  7. Click on Publish! Voila, you are done! You may edit the page if needed.